insanity After almost a year jostling around the desert, the agents of the ace of insanity trumped the king of baghdad, the top card in what was said to be a deck of 55.

"Wait," one of the agents, Private Sharky, said, "a real deck has 56 cards. It has four jokers. Do we really have the top card?"

"You're right." the top agent, General Bradsmith Pointer, said. "A real deck does have four jokers. The fourth one in the deck we deal with is the ace of insanity. We keep him happy by telling him there's only 55 in a deck. You need to remember, Private Sharky, that you never want the commander-in-chief to know he's nothing but a joker. So the deal is, among the agents, you call him the ace of insanity and you never let him know he's one of the jokers."

"Yes sir." said Sharky. "But do we really have the top card?"

"Well, Private, I think we do. I have the ace of insanity in my pocket, so to speak." said Pointer.
cocoon I cannot deal with this shit.

Frustrated. Tired. Disappointed with myself. Disappointed with others.

Second day in a row when I just want to ignore everything and shut out the world.

But I cant. So deal with it I shall. As best as I can.
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