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"Quantum electrodynamics (QED) is a quantum field theory (QFT) of electromagnetism. QED describes all phenomena involving electrically charged particles interacting by means of the electromagnetic_force and has been called "the jewel of physics" for its extremely accurate predictions of quantities like the anomalous_magnetic_moment of the muon, and the Lamb_shift of the energy levels of hydrogen.

Q quod erat demonstrandum - from millenia until a century or so ago, a phrase used, originally in Greek and later, as here, in Latin, by western mathematicians and logicians at the conclusions of proofs to indicate "which is what was to be demonstrated" or "Here's the proof, you doubters and other fools." 051122
u24 according to my dictionary, it means "...and you can stuff it where the sun don't shine if you don't like it". 060427
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