soia it'll come when it has to 010423
unhinged i really don't care about the deaths of stars...maybe i should...but i don't. and that damn twelve tone composition. pppfff...yeah right. 010423
raven sigh sigh sigh
study all day and go out at night
I eat and eat and eat and eat
I can't survive unless there's food in my hand
my brain must be burning loads of glucose
file my nails every 5 seconds
check blather every 5 seconds
check my buddy list every 5 seconds
so i have to go out into the living room
but i keep coming back for cookies which I left in here so I wouldn't keep eating them
music constantly, neighbors are mad
and I know with all this work I'll still just pass
better than failing I guess
but i used to do well in school
cause I liked it and I worked hard
neither are true right now
and I'm losing my mind
I didn't get in until 5 this morning
tomorrow I have to wake up at 7
and I'm losing my mind
it's been the worst day since yesterday
cocoon I really need to study but I just cant bring myself to start. And I just keep thinking, I need to start studying, I should be studying, Stop wasting time and do some studying - but I cant. 050605
cocoon Like a never ending cycle, here we are again. Need to study. Keep getting distracted.

Whats a girl to do?
nom etude 061014
what's it to you?
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