birdmad gamble

soul for a wager
Bespeckled It was one I told myself I wouldn't take; I remember the moment. It was right when I saw her on your phone screen. Four years past, and you were still hung up on her, and that is when I told myself that this would never amount to anything, that I simply wouldn't let it, that it was not a risk I could take, not a vulnerability I could submit myself to.

But I have.

And it is a gnawing, uncomfortable, uneasy, subtly troubling, apocalyptical feeling.

It makes me wince thinking of all the possible ways this could end.
tilt for such a coward, i take a lot of risks. maybe it's just naivity. 060115
Bespeckled No it wasn't fucking worth it. The risk I thought I was taking was nothing compared to what I actually lost.
How stupid and needy I was.
What a waste of time!
What an unnecessary and damaging detour.

So it goes ... that's, as they say, life.
what's it to you?
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