lulie it's official - I killed another bonsai. 020513
pilgrim How much torment can one tree take?

It is the Inquisitors Art
To prolong the Life
While inflicting Agony

Did your tree give a full confession
Before it was set Free?
lulie alas, poor mini-tree.
no more restoration.
alas, poor silent tree.
died before salvation.
no prayers were said,
poor tree died dead.
silentbob officially done with my first year of college 020514
lulie My daughter's officially done with her 2nd year. She'll be home for two weeks then she's going back for summer school, she says it's cheaper that way.

If I ruled the world, I would make "higher" education free for all.
amy adaptability no children for me. too risky. not recommended.

Hormones made me put up a sort of fight though. The hormones wreaked harrowing revenge, which i wouldn't call rational or straightforward at all. Some of those psychological producta can be allowed to dissipate.

I probably was "supposed" to have children. Was meant to. I mean my mom is a baby nurse, for crying out loud. How could life do this to her? How could I do this to her? How could the choices of 20 year olds do this to her? How could George Bush do this to her? How could John Cusack do this to her? An insanely paranoid group of chastisers? Mass-shooters? Science puzzle solvers with specialized needs? Dying grandparents? Blather?

No, There's no blame. It was meant to happen though. My hormones are sure.
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