silentbob there's something sweet about seeing the world
there's something sweet about emily, like staring across an ocean

I like a full, affectionate, friendly hug.
Never half.
erogenous will someone hug me? 030615
belly fire *hug* 030616
bandersnatch i went over to margret about buying a cd and margret is a very huggy person, so i had to give her a hug before we could talk, so i gave her a half assed (should that be hyphenated?) one armed hug because i wanted to hurry up and buy the cd. but she then demanded i learn how to hug (i guess she thought it was a real hug that i gave her). so she wrapes her arms around me almost squeezing the air out of me, and i return it, and we sit there for like 2 mins.

at the time i was annoyed and a bit embarrassed by it, but a few mins later i realised she was trying to be nice, and when i realized this i got a warm fuzzy feeling all over.
bandersnatch i just reread that last post.

and i will give a cookie to anyone who can tell my how manny time i said realise and realised (without going back to reread)
erogenous i think you said it twice 030617
nom it was such a nice hug

i'm so scared
Isaou You hugged me as a thank you for my help, and I made it awkward by commenting that I hadn't had a guy hug in a long time. It sounded different to what i meant, but anyway. Thank you for the thank you, it was more than anyone else did. 091030
thorn you broke up with me, and then were upset when i wouldn't give you a hug.

like i should be totally fine with you saying you were too busy and lazy to find time to be with me.
no reason don't do it unless you mean it 121102
epitome of incomprehensibility I need a hug.
I need to redefine "need."
I promise I won't hit you.
I probably won't hit on you.
Nobody will see this who can hug me.
I am asking the universe:
"Universe, send me a hug."
I will probably make a pun.
Pun and hug, assonance.
Kanye West would rhyme "assonance" with "ass and..." what?
I don't know.
Why am I anxious? I thought I was getting better.
Better how?
Better somehow.
what's it to you?
who go