silentbob loves you you are my weak point,
i am what i am because of you
i escape this prison to stop thinking of you
but when i drive i listen to music that reminds me of you
and surround myself with mementos of you
i think about when you're in a bad mood and a piece of me runs away and hides
i think about when you're in a good mood
and a piece of me shudders as i think about grabbing your face and kissing you
i'm screaming inside this candy coated shell
this smiling exterior is waiting for a climax
something to break through all of this preoccupation.
you're so nice to me and sell me such sweetness
and my every thought is devoted to you
what would any of this mean if told to you in the best possible way

probably nothing
and i would be stuck with the knowledge i destroyed another friendship by trying to adjust it to the next plateau

i think of our chemistry
i think of our astrology
i think of our biology
i think of our philosophy
i think of what all of this is going to amount to in a month from now.
misstree i've learned to armor my achilles heel,
but somehow. i still end up crippled.
what's it to you?
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