pilgrim You and I,
But excluding Them.
silentbob No, not again
against the world
its always us against the world
spoons we dont talk anymore
everything has changed
supposed hate supposed anger
but all i ever sense is uneasiness
living in your own utopia
while the world around you crumbles
showing through your masks i knew you couldnt hold it
at one time i cared
but you can only pull a rope so tight
before it suddenly breaks
fucked again not by a friend
no one other than yourself
so own up or die
so is it worth it?
is it?
living behind masks
tormenting all those around you
all those who care
all those youve hurt
all those that youve taken forgranted
im sorry i just dont see it
you cant change the past
but it sheds light for the future
even if its a shady future
i dont know
soemthing i could have done
something i could have said
i dont know
nothing is worth this much
i miss you
i want you back
im sorry for not kicking your ass sooner
but can i ask, why?
silentbob i'm done with us and i'll remind myself to not play your stupid tricks anymore 020401
spoons imagine me and you... 040317
silentbob it's going to be ok
its going to be ok
its going to be ok
its going to be ok
its going to be ok
its going to be ok
what's it to you?
who go