birdmad where it was not already night-dark on the eastern horizon, some nights it was almost blood red from the center of the sky where the noon sun would stand and shine down gradually brigehtening to a bright flame color as old Sol set itself on down...when the clouds were just right

Sometimes a trick of the light would make the crescent moon seem to have the color of a sliced peach

when i was a kid
in the rural corner
of a city
on the edge
of the desert
mike red at night
sailors delight
red in morning
sailors warning

also a GREAT 80s song "red skies at night" pops into mind.
unhinged the sky was empty today

a great blue empty bowl
guitar_freak open and endless with countless new possibilities and countless opportunities. 010330
dean-bean 'scuse me while I kiss this guy. 010331
florescent light is an illusion 010401
arinna has been gray for days upon days. it matches the accoustic guitar i'm listening to. maybe it's confused just like us. 010401
chiidi i want to tear it open and let the deluge rush forth 010406
angie you are all obsessed with the skye. you even saved the bottle. our first bottle together. i had the worst feeling of my life before i went there. then it all dissappeared and i had fun. now i dont really like that much anymore. its pretty harsh. or at least it was a couple weekends ago. tastes change 020508
Q Blue's not the Earth. It's the sky. 040510
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