unhinged i sent him pieces of his hateletter
he must not have liked it too much
he still hasn't responded
i knew when i sent it it was one of
those that he would never respond to
kendera "the purpose of life, is life."
someone pointed this out to me the other day as a simple joke.
i laughed.
i thought about it later when i was alone.
and then i cried.....
birdmad of my mind falling like plaster from the ceiling of a decaying apartment

the archaeology of memory beneath the layers

my own bizarre history
nocturnal everything is in pieces. my life is just tons of little pieces that refuse to fit together in any useful manner whatsoever. all scattered everywhere. I lose several at a time because they're all just everywhere. nothing makes sense. 010411
unhinged my mind used to be in many pieces...the tiny ones that you can't put back together, not even with super glue. somehow they all came back together into a coherent but not too pretty whole. i can't tell if i liked the pieces better 010412
soia he said how he hated himself so much, the fact that she kept loving him just made him mad at her
and I know that to her, and to anyone on the other side, it wouldn't make sense
but to me, it makes far too much sense, and I guess that's why I'm crying
kinkazoid you say he's a faggot are you afraid your just the same? faggot faggot do hate him? cuz he's peices of you?
-damn jewl
silentbob so you can take the pieces of my broken heart and cut your wrists for all i care 010822
what's it to you?
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