soia two funny things were said by my professor today and no one laughed:
1)in regards to running out of fossil fuels "it may be the end of civilization as we know it but you can be sure it won't mean the end of fertilizer and pesticides"
2)in regards to a root fungus affecting wheat crops "now here is the real monkey wrench in the ointment"
Two not so funny things:
1) he accused me of lying about needing to take the final early
2) I had coffee and it made me so nauseous that I had to throw up when I got home- but at least I feel better now
chanaka the sounds my spanish linguistics professor makes. we are learning about the phonetical structure of the spanish language, and it is hard to hate him and call him an asshole (which he is) when he is snorting like a constipated elephant or saying "VVVV" "THHHHhhhh"
the grade i'm getting in there isn't so funny, i must confess
silentbob You're undercover funny
You're only funny when i'm not around
.nom how only the one eye is runny, my 'good eye' 050205
megan funny how a date can mean so much in one life and nothing in the next 051115
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