kyla Eating could be seen as palliative.


In a perfect world, there would be no such thing as "boredom". So, when I say, "why the hell can't the world just be perfect?", you already know what you can't say. But, I would have to, like, drive into two trees or something before I'd say anything that useless.
silentbob today i look like robert smith 011031
amy permanently crazy, i think.
God said, "that's the shakes, babe." i can deal with it, the wound-that-is-the-cure. it's the only way.
jane lovesong

it hits me right in the heart every time i hear that first chord

and then my heart melts as the song goes along
somenom happy happy thought 050530
gja Makes me think of the word poultice.
I remember Josie Zeeton - Y11 english teacher describing its *meaning*.

Funny how the words of english teachers stay with me.
I can remember them all.

+ also - the band - near the top of my favourite list - are in town at the moment.

Best reviews - stunning.

I didnt get tickets this time - budget constraints.

I have seen them before:
London - Ive mentioned this before.
Sydney - with the most amzing 25 minute spell that was "the forest"
Auckland - by chance - a free ticket handed to me with like NO notice.
gja Generally a fan - cliche coming - of the older stuff....


Edge of the Deep Green Sea is life changing.
pro g ohhhh look what YOU have done!
where's your Ocean then Shakespeare ?
birdmad the Wish album spoke very deeply to me, encapsulating my former tendency to_wish_impossible_things

(a few hard lessons later i learned better)
what's it to you?
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