birdmad blushing_bride boots burning building.

sharkieandgeorge ________
___BB. .BB
lulie There's only been one "B".
Only one, who represented "B"
But that "B" respresented all
Only one. Only B
B means I ache
B means I am missing what B knows.
B knows.
B knows.
Please B.
Reach me.
lulie B is not my birthday, B remembered by birthday. 030726
epitome of incomprehensibility For some reason, the past two or three times I've gone to Pointe Claire Library, I've looked for fiction under the B section.

And I don't regret it, so far. The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine, by Alina Bronsky, was a great surprise find with an exquisitely evil narrator.
CheapVodka B is for bubble and it's good enough for me.

Maybe I can find this ancient link I posted on blue years ago..

Maybe I can't.
leif I have so many goddamn hearts, and I'm choking on the one that I didn't know I'd given you.

There are all the obvious signs of asphyxiation...but who can I ask for help?

Who can save me?
lux bumbling bets. i beat my bed barren,
bone dry.
my baby has blown off. breathing boorishly, bunked with a beast.
breaking point: i baked my brain
and bared my breasts, beknownst
of the brewing brush.
the beginning is always best. but
baby, i beseech your bond.
leif "...but I care about you."

It doesn't matter though. Does it?

You honestly don't deserve me. You haven't even earned my time.
what's it to you?
who go