birdmad did all this come from? 010129
Sock_Monkey ..did you come from?
..did you go?
..does it all end?
..is your toe?
silentbob are you now i want to talk to you 010227
green_tenedril in the spoon room
where door knobs
and vikings
are separated by
luck is green i miss you only because you are there... 010726
a big arrow or an X or something YOU ARE HERE 010823
pilgrim Where is everyone today?
I feel the cool ghostly touch
Wrapping around the shadowy spaces
But leaving no tangible sign.
lulie a new computer
all this speed, look how fast i
can get to nowhere.
is it
no where
now here?
distorted tendencies I just want to know.. So I imagine. 020324
pilgrim Lulie you lucky stiff.
I cruise around in an old junker
with overloaded ram and a 4 cylinder
processor, limping along the Information Highway on the shoulder on the rim.
lulie You maybe be limping here, but I'm limping around out there - in the real world. 020325
argo I can't find any reason to stay in Boston and I thought I would by now. I like being able to take the t everywhere and being near parks and museums.There's just no real reason to be here; theres no one who I want to work or play with. 030707
Bespeckled Interesting.

In August I am moving from California to Boston for five years.

(College ... Northeastern, to be specific)
argo Of course. Our courses. In December I am moving to California forever (or so) even though I've never been there before. 031013
somenom know 050521
what's it to you?
who go