no way 010207
pilgrim ...of My Mind. 010215
unhinged i was standing outside of myself today. just looking myself over. trying to figure out what he saw that i could not. it's inevitable. i'm going to hurt him. and standing next to myself like that i just wanted to kick myself in the shin. 010318
they must have taken my marbles away no_way 010605
todd my mind my mine field the traps everywhere theyre gonna catch me yea yea theyre gonna catch me can you save this place i call my world 011026
luck is green the way OUT is the WAY 011026
angie if you are not out...then you are in...
and if you are not in...then you are out
pralines&cream Take me out,
and dance the night away with me,
hold me while we waltz
and tango, dripping sweat,
and freakdance soooo close,
and slow dance with meaning,
and twirl me
and spin me
and dip me
and kiss me,
and mesmerize me
and own me.
Take me out for a night on the town.
what's it to you?
who go