DammitJanet it's amazing.
i have to slap myself in the face to stop from smiling. but not even seconds later it creeps back up without me fully realizing it's there.

it's wonderful.
to meet someone that seems so "you". but i can't get ahead of myself, because we've only just started to discover eachother.

it's confusing.
how it all began in the first place. but all coincidences can't all be fate for i won't believe my life is already set.

it's astounding.
the amount of things we have in common. yet we're opposites searching for the same thing.

it's hilarious.
how much we laugh together. all these things we share in humour helps when there's nothing left to say.

it's incredible.
that we're on the same page. we understand eachother already, even in the faintest degree.

it's everything.
i love this feeling. my only hope is it continues and grows, and the anticipation is killing me.
parrot sketch ...monty python's flying circus 030821
DammitJanet amazing.
that it can end so quickly over a simple question.
minnesota_chris killing me... what was the question? 030912
DammitJanet is this working out.

and it was, until it was asked. apparently one difficult question leads to a lot more, and he'd rather toss aside and move on to the next, then speak his feelings.
minnesota_chris I decided that a relationship exists when you are solving problems. If you are avoiding the problems, you have no relationship. And how you solve the problems defines the relationship. 030916
DammitJanet exactly. and i was through avoiding :) 030916
DammitJanet happening again... and it's wonderful 031122
nom not that i hate it's just that i don't understand 061128
nom and it's not that there were no apologies

it's just that i don't like
the angry apologetic angry apologetic routine
what's it to you?
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