Toxic_Kisses ...get to close, I don't want to lose you 011219
silentbob don't make me feel bad for the way i feel, i feel bad enough knowing it won't work, her cold eyes make me wish the ground would open up and swallow me whole, or chew me up and spit me out for all i care. i don't need this guilt coupled with rejection. i can't take another bad day with you. this whole season has been a pocket of good moments with mementos i save to remind me of everything, imagining the concept it didn't all sour 020813
daxle don't try to tell me there's an outlet
we're trapped in this life until we die
to that dick be a dick, man.
it just isn't nice and it makes all your friends just go away. nobody wants to be around a dick.

i know this guy, he's such a dick. he can be such a nice guy sometimes, btu not often. i used to be a good friend to him, but he has driven away everyone who once liked him. i wish i knew why, i had some fun times with the guy. but he had to go and be a dick.

man, you shouldn't be such a dick
dafroman shave it too close 030504
Isaou ..hurt me
..come too close
..let me near you
..don't let me fall
n o m please don't do it again 160229
what's it to you?
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