Kammar before for lazy people 030630
User24 so, b4 lazy ppl were invented, no1 used stuff lk this, right? 030630
cpgurrl v., v., v., rite!!! lol 040714
dudeinanigloo that wuz b4 the internet u24.

lol, jk, stfu, roflmao, brb, np, nvm, omg, wtf, ty, y, b4, no1, sk8r(h8r), ppl

RTFM- read the fucking manual

Hahaha... See acronyms.
cpgurrl yeah i did i added something there (acronyms)

ttbl (type to blather l8er)
oldephebe earlier prototype of Data encountered the star trek movie data... 040720
cpgurrl wut the... 040720
. in the star trek movie Nemesis 040722
what's it to you?
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