birdmad or maybe won't

(all things interconnected and therefore the pointlessness and entropy become interconnected and also contagious...

...a plague of nothing)
sarpedon a person's will
will not necessarily
guaranteed some action happening

but it's amazing how close the
moon and distant stars become
angie will you come back on tuesday or wednesday?
will you wake me up with your sweet kiss?
or will you wait till thursday...
i am dwelling on this too much
stoic will is the moon pulling on the sea.
you cannot see the link and you would never guess.
but the tide still rises.

argo I will spend the rest of the night working. I will. I will it so. 040208
tilt yeah, me too. lots of work to do.

many cigarettes and 8 hours later, see me below.

time now: 3PM
tilt (was still up at 1:30) 060116
AfPRicochetMVP fire at will 060117
what's it to you?
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