brown cardigan boy you look into their faces but they don't look back.

through blather you can see me have a nervous breakdown.

read catcher in the rye

that's when expectation died.
sharkieandgeorge i'll always remember that walk home.. it was nothing out of the ordinary. we talked, held hands..
and it's weird how whenever i walk down those same streets, i remember exactly what we were talking about, down to the very spot where you might have said "remember the time when..", next to that one streetlight, the one after the sewer drain. I remember smiling at you, the expression on your face..
and i don't know why
nom before the day is gone 031227
birdmad towards the little flourishes of colour in the setting sun. somewhere in the grey heart of the city 031227
user24 like a ghost, sliding in and out of the happy people with the same dead pace as you. They are too scared to admit they have died. 040812
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