pilgrim It seems to me
That there may Be,
No truly common reality.
That which I see as Red,
To you might look Blue,
The consistancy of your version
May be the only thing True.
It has always looked thus
And as you ask you are told,
That the color you see there
Is Blue and seems cold.
So inside the world
That is Inside your mind,
Golden trees may grow tall
Under cool Crimson skies.
There is no way of knowing
Where the truth truly lies.
user24 perfect expression.
that is wonderful.
Pilgrim After being defined by the jobs I have done for well over five decades the Truth of what I Am is still obscure to All. EVEN I. The inner life is ever subjective and private. 140218
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Pilgrim Even shared Experiences will be preceived differently by Each of us. (this can be seen in eyewitness accounts) It does not mean the person lied or can not remember, All Events are Subjective And Personal. Try as We like to convey meaning through language, You can Never be sure of what the other one is understanding. Try to be Tolerent. 140218
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