peyton what was I then
but more than a snobbish twit
I didn't know
I couldn't know
I thought I knew it all
I thought I was insurmountable
Full of rage
Full of judgement
Full of it
I'm not sure what
I'm not sure when
I met my breaking
My breaking met me
We danced for a while
She'd call me tomorrow
Made me mellow
Made me ice cream
Made me bleed to death
Made me finally have the courage
He was a strange kid
And a little weird
And a little meaningless
He liked to have fun
He liked to dance with breaking
But she left him now
He stopped loving her today
I'm not like that anymore
I don't know what washes away filth
I'm not sure there's anywhere left to run
I'm still romance
I'm still here
I don't know what I was then

But I'm not there now
what's it to you?
who go