moonshine Its lonely here with out you. Occassionaly haunting my dreams with a blue face with blueness that evades, taken pace in a place of non configurations. I miss you. 010319
twiggie i don't know what else to call it really...
all of my writing for the past few months has been done on the computer. i've had such a craving lately to just write with my hands. anything at all. i'm sick of typing everything damn word out, i just want a pencil and some paper.
technology is pissing me off more and more everyday.
silentbobfuckyou stomach, survival, wretching, violence, addiction, heartbreak 010719
distorted tendencies My stomach hurts and my heart is ripped apart. This is terminal. 011013
unhinged damn sinus infection

my eyes feel like they are going to pop out of my head and i already took two advil. and i really don't like the taste of spearmint so that eccinechea tea is a little hard to stomach. but if it worked for hildegard it can work for me.
misstree i can still feel you
underneath my skin.

i want to til i bleed
to get you out.
Cicero infection by arrow
spreads through the heart
through the Veins of Concious
newme dreams are a sickness sweet 040709
what's it to you?
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