twiggie i took the first step.
i pulled them off my wall, only to be put back up in my closet.
there they aren't a constant reminder.
the feelings are duller now,
i don't cry everytime i really look at them.
maybe i've finally accepted that i'm here, not there.
i can only hope...
but at the same time i feel guilty.
if i've made that acceptance,
am i also accepting the fact that i don't feel empty not talking to them?
i don't miss them nearly as much as i used to?
i feel like all of that hope is lost. i had a chance to remain close, but i chose not to.
scarlett I have a picture
Pinned to my wall
An image of you
And of me
And we'er laughing
We're loving it all.
thompson twins hold_me_now 011211
hey now! i love pictures!
its cool to see pics of your grandparents when they were young and be like "i look just like you!!"
b/c i do look just like my grandmother.
pilgim Arrested Photons
Bound to the Chemical Matrix
Frozen moments
That stir Rememberence
nom "i want to paint everything" 061129
flux many of her, none of us 061129
what's it to you?
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