kerry friday i will draw stitches with black eyeliner on audrey's face and put dark lipstick on her, dress her like sally from the 'nightmare before christmas.' black background, we will be in shadow, i'll shine a light on her face maybe with a flashlight.
and then sipping coffee from a gigantic mug that covers half her face,
and sitting on a couch laughing with people. i will expose it correctly and then burn everyone else out, use some matboard in a shape like a heart to conserve her face.
i want to do it now.
i'm afraid because it will be in color and that makes me nervous.
i never do anything nice with color. always grainy, always overexposed.
jinx He's going to see me... 030402
shower singer If I can just make myself remember to breathe and have fun, I know it will be ok. But I'm afraid I'll forget. 040801
newme system 040801
nom friday is so close

i hope i go and don't fuck up
o n m it could just be cancelled and forgotten about? 100516
n o m i'll not be too nervous about it all 101012
lostgirl accelerated heart rate, shallow breathing, dry mouth...all of it.

why was i so nervous?
unhinged fear

(all my twitches are back after one_more_year of bullshit)
what's it to you?
who go