birdmad burning 010207
silentbob i go inside to this tiny little place to cry
no one can touch me there
i have an impenetrable force which i allow no one to gaze upon
i wonder if i wear a mask to the real world and show my real face inside
maybe the real world isnt strong enough to see it
or maybe i'm too weak to see the mask
brown cardigan boy inside, like a cool dark tunnel, better fitted than any worn sleeve, denim, inside, an introspective of yourself, examination, completely unassured of which way the road curves, like a well beaten highway, your favorite one you travel, and yet you're constantly suprised by the turns life takes. inside like a flower, inside like the nectar, a pink fleshy tongue or a pink goldfish, but then it wouldn't be a goldfish. who said that inside was bad, but its warm like your intestines and i can't help but think that everything is fine. 010227
amy rather than being of two minds, and holding paradoxical truths in these mutable times, it's easier to be one of my own, for the time being. 020605
Cicero Pulsing in my head
Deep inside
Rummaging through the cranial patchwork
The dialtone effect
Bittersweet perfume essence
Soft and wholesome
Deliciously sexy
I want to gorge myself on this feeling
Mandy that's where everything goes...good stuff, bad stuff. i reach catharsis by vomiting. i feel better after that and start the whole thing over. works for me. : ) 030629
not now i couldn't possibly smell that nice inside 041015
somenom outside is inside is outside 050523
lulie outside upside down
creamy bird.
what's it to you?
who go