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Sonya Here we are in a world...
where bright eyed boys pretend to be men.
Superficial talks in cafeterias are thrown away
for unyielding commands in a dirt camp.
Realities of war have burned blissful dreams.
Their ashes float away in tears carried by the wind
and are echoed in the cries of murdered children.
Rainbow patterned kites and silver slinkies
are but myths in their minds.
A shiny gun is placed into the curious hands of a child
who believes he is doing the right thing...
for his country,
for his people,
for his future.
Diseased blood spews furiously from fatal wounds
when it should only ooze from knee scrapes.
No more roller skates or bicycles,
only blind patriotism here.
It's do or die boy.
Do or die.
There once was a whimsical world
where the people took nothing seriously.
And they often uttered from their soiled lips,
"Boys will be boys."
Farewell boys...
Their hearts used to know girls and games.
Their youth was secretly stolen.
Their ideals were raped then slaughtered.
Their voices have been muted forever.
In this world...
Boys will never be boys again.
Sonya I hate when I go to the add blather form and forget to change the title...forgive me, I'm tired and I'm just an idiotic lunatic!

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