belly fire radio.
he stares right.
I stare slightly left.
The Intimidation Game.
voices raised.
someone cries.
it's always me.
I ruin everything.
belly fire I sat there
turning my fingers over my wrist
as though I had been burned there,
seeing the look of anger and frustration,
directed at me,
at me
understanding, for the first time, that we could really hurt each other
for the first time there wasn't even a trace of your loving face
jesse fight club is one of the better movies ever made. 041011
Cicero I know what is coming. It burdens me... like knowing your lover is being used somewhere and you are powerless to stop it. The cruelty of this is deep. The sudden... devaluation... There is no fighting it. There is no saving the purity. Her fatalism sinks its teeth into her body and shatters her aura. The delicacy... all that pure love will be dead. Raped, if you will, then murdeerd. 041012
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