delivos a book can hold all the wisdom of the world but at the end of the day it's just a pile of slices of mashed tree with symbols on 020522
kerry the song "like a song..." by U2 reminds me of the story i am writing and i think i will put it on the soundtrack list. because if i ever write a book and publish it then i decided to burn copies of a soundtrack for people to listen to while they're reading the book. it will be marvy. 021208
belly fire my bedside table is aching for a story
ANY story
my addiction with reading has actually grown to the point where I've read everything on our shelves
sometimes it doesn't even cross my mind that the fridge is empty or that my bills are a few days overdue - I'm waiting for my paycheque so I can hit the used bookstore for a new stack of books
I don't know what I'd do without the written word - I think I'd go mad with my own thoughts
read almost moon by alice sebold 071023
jane cat's_cradle 071023
cocoon Its a lot easier to put down a real book and pick it up later than it is with an ebook.

My eyes will be dead after this.

But at least I get to read again.
unhinged i have a strong desire to make my own again; to do something with myself for myself that does not involve smiling when i don't feel like it. 090420
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