belly fire of nausea
my appetite has been suppressed again for another week and I guess it's not so much pain or discomfort as an overwhelming feeling of emptiness
my body feels deprived and stark again
this is not unfamiliar territory for me
but it couldn't come at a worse time
I need to see a doctor soon...and at least get some answers
god damn it
my belly is on fire again
I doubt that warm, sweaty palms could put it out this time
poseidon waves'crescent peak
my vantage
and prominent beak
the sweet stilling pulses
my heart
and luxury breathing
to stand to still
at beach and keel
to my rhythm weeping
and the child's thrill
I ebb to flow
increase to fall
and never grow
deepening and emblazoning
the surety of every spill
in the hand of sands the waves
they kill, my end
the border shore
willing I land
in my deep cradle once more
endless desire waves of sadness
waves of joy
waves of comfort
waves of grief

life hits her in waves.
she sits on the beach
building her castle
with dreams placed in each grain of sand
and as she sits
and builds in the summer sun
waves blindside her with water
of every deadly sort.
of every heavy sort.
of every destructive, manipulative sort.

she might pray to god or the salt in the sea
but she still lies there helpless
oh let her be.
nom) i was going to say: of nausea 051001
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