belly fire I have memories of the way water used to trickle down
weaving down the slope of his scalp to his heavy brow
or how sweat would fall in patterns
depending on how he stood
I think of this when I stand under the shower
feeling the water run between my newly chopped hair and down into my eyes
it triggers the taste of sweat
and letting my guard down for real
I wear ghost hair marks on my neck where I run the brush too far mistaking out of habit for hair to be there
and woven into sweaters I haven't worn in weeks are the long hairs I seem to find everywhere
that remind me I had the patience to grow it (so maybe he might not recognize me then?)
but I like it the way it is
if only for the taste of his salty sweat
that the trickle down of water brings back to me
for do not regret the mistakes you have made unless you were willing to make others to replace them
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