sphinxradio it's not hard to say that i'm afraid of everyone and leave it at that.
then i find my voice, once in a while, and i'm scared of myself.
fallen i don't know if we should be talking again.... 020202
amy talking to the air it's in my personality to talk, and i don't get to, because my true friends are always elsewhere. so frig off. i have my own life to cope with. 031210
cocoon Something I should do more of. 040606
from now on they say it's supposed to help
but what do they know
anomalous i thought it would
maybe it has
but it doesn't feel like it right now
nom) no one is talking to me 050924
dancingtrees when we talk we don't really talk
it's just words coming out of our mouths
i can't say what i want to say
or i just don't want to say it
i am trying i am trying i will try to tell you the truth if i can i will i want to you need to know
it probably won't happen and meaningless words will continue to fall from our lips
nom do i ever really talk? 070227
nom sometimes everything is too_much to say 070227
what's it to you?
who go