amy is currently so messed up. i can feel it. one thing people can do is draw upon their resources as spiritual human beings to make it better. these resources are very diverse, and everyone can mediate to find their own version of peace which is truly peaceful. that's what i try to do, but it's definitely a work-in-progress, and my light is sometimes too bright. 020915
silentbob is patricentrical

if i'm saying it right

see: propagandhi
kerry i have watched fight club three times in the past two days. this blathe reminds me of when tyler durden says
"you are not what you own"
and he talks about how everyone should just evolve.
if we could all stop trying to reach perfection and just go with it, everything would make so much more sense. if we didn't get so caught up in self-improvement and trying to be the way we think we should be, we wouldn't look back and think we wasted our time.
nocturnal catch-all scapegoat for your problems. 020915
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