birdmad two 020210
pralines&cream fish 020210
rollins your number is one 020404
daxle Oh sweet not existent god! I just got my final grades back and found out for sure that they will be sending me my diploma and I won't have to go to summer session 2. I have no clue how I passed biochemistry, but I did, and thank fucking everything. PHEW. 020624
Hallkwik one fish
two fish
red fish
blue fish

good ol' dr. seuss
Lime Rider from: any 021228
Scared all it took was one moment and your life changed. Your driven by hormones, the sweat running down your body and moans filling your ears making you want it more.....and then when its all done and over with...whats left? Dried seat on your body...and maybe, just maybe a mistake. 1 word can change every thing...pregnate... 030527
lotuseater listens to ministry just one fix

...i could stop if i wanted to
one becomes two with more ease than zero becomes one

filing cabinet hemispheres If I were one, I would just become two 060525
Fido hello my name is fido and this is what I know
if there's one who can save us
the one's faceless graceless paceless
unrushed unrefined
ignorant of just what just one can do for humankind
as mud cliffs in the storm we'll sink
to the sea and dissipating dirt
shall be our legacy
unless one swoops in to brace us
and with reluctance embrace us
and when unthanked will not blame us
but forgive the velvet mortal woes
enshrining every fragile thread of Human
our past is here and here to stay
suns unto suns - one has to pay
gja one is just the beginning 131112
what's it to you?
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