birdmad spoken but not understood 020108
z is all that is left after words replace ideas. i must trust language to work as promiced. as a conveyance of delicate cargo, it fails; it needs to be shaken. that is poetry. 040624
pilgrim It is so hard to agree on the Semantics,
On the subtle meanings of Metaphore.
Each of us views the World from Their own Unique Perspective.
Give me a Direct Neural Connection,
Give Me the Vulcan Mind Meld.
Then Maybe We'll actually Understand Each Other Completley
. . 050321
silentbob language just happened it was never planned 050321
Alvarny It hides more than it says. 050510
foreverfree . . .is to a poet as a crude piece of metal is to a master blacksmith. 050510
z is poetry, then, a craft? i think of it as more similar to a wound. 050510
lotuseater as presented to me upon trays of sound.

tiny robots made of colors and light
tessa holds everything
holds me
z wastes the sacrifice of joy on the surrounded rescue of meaning and deposes the scarcity of the real leaving behind the lost and wailing embers of memory and stops 050515
what's it to you?
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