silentbob he sits in his room
all quiet and cold
he laughs when he's lonely
and sings himself to sleep
he wraps himself in harmony
brushes his hair with denial
when he stares at his reflection
it only makes him weary
and he wishes not to associate
his face with how he feels inside.
distorted tendencies he has more than meets the eye
he hides from everyone but me
he was wonderful
he was suppressed by his own intake abuse
he hid himself from me

i think he's ashamed.
guitar_freak He whispers to me in Spanish as he stares deep into my eyes. At first I just looked back, not seeing much of anything. Now, I look at him and his eyes sparkle with secrets. In the morning, he is beautiful, like a breathtaking sunrise. The way his hair whisps across his face drives me to kiss his soft lips and a smile spreads across my face. Our connection is deepening and it scares me. I don't love him...I just fuck him... right? 050502
deer never has time for me anymore. 060324
nom i like a few hims. 070528
nom or a lot of hims. 070528
nom but especially a few 070528
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