silentbobfuckyou stuck somewhere between my own worst selfloathing and the desire to better myself, deciding on which one i should act on. 010715
anonymouse stuck between blood and water
forced to choose one
losing the other forever
pralines&cream between limited life and unlimited life
between school and graduation
between you and malibu
between comfort and discovery
between you ... and far away.
jinx among 020519
old salt ...the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. 020520
lulie a rock and a hard place. 020520
nomme) i should've read more
even if the words weren't there
qt at quintessensual dot org Yippee!

I get to choose my fate:
between a rock and no place
or no place and a hard place.

Advice always appreciated.

Q otherwise known as QT or qt at quintessensual dot org 050728
Q or q or qt at quintessendual dor org or Reposte 050728
APRicochetMVP stuck between places to call my home. stuck between places to make a living. don't know if i'll even have a job after graduation. 050728
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