Sonya Your acting is so excellent that it's hard to see what you're really doing to not only others, but yourself. Soon perhaps you'll see the consequences of your performance. A little forgiveness wouldn't might save you from having to endure another one of these lonely nights you keep mulling over aloud so everyone can hear. Soon you shall see... 020608
daxle Gir: I looove the little tacos. I love them goood.
Taco boy:have a nice day!
Zim: Shut your noise tube, taco human!
Zim:Gir,I have your tacos.
Zim:No, Gir.
Gir: But I neeeeed tacos! I need them or I'll explode. That happens to me sometimes.
Zim: I will give you tacos... oh such tacos I will giiive.
kyla It is 3:30AM. You've just run to three different gas stations trying to get four more quarters, so you can finish your last load of laundry. You will now:

A.) Bring your keys back with you once you've retrieved the clean load.
B.) Ultimately lock your keys in the laundry room with two unfinished loads of laundry.
jinx Sometimes I wonder if I am without knowing. I wonder, if sometimes, I'm not being myself-not knowing I'm being someone else. I should keep my acting on the stage. 020609
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