tonya akin to blorting_through_antimony but without the post_nuclear_horfle or the buffalo_eggs 020528
billy ray pirahna blorting_thru_antimony 020528
minimumps wage it's what's for food stamps. 160707
epitome of incomprehensibility It's about slobber, giraffes_wings_not_included, apples_3x_a_day. A story or something.

Urban Dictionary: "Originating from the term "Splackaveli," splacky whacky means a frontin' ass thug."

Machiavelli with slacks, slacking off, smacking up a Biff from the Hardy Boys. Probably.
dalex if splacky, then honk 160709
grendel Honks_for_jesus 160710
what's it to you?
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