soia saw this guy at the TB show he looked so familiar and not just because he looked like davey and M knew him and I wanted to know him but I didn't have anything to say. I even thought of saying "hi, i want to know you" but there was no time. How is it that somewhere between the lines of sullen/cool and happy/cool I got caught and I guess actually I'm on the side of "hated". Except I know that's only true when I decide it is. I know that as soon as I decide everything's ok then it is. It's fucking insane how this works and that little saying to the effect of "whatever you think, you're right" is oh so true and I'm just clanking and clanking and they say why do you type so loud but it's because I feel so much and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I miss it. I miss what I gave up even with every miserable heart breaking attachment it ever had. That's all. That's all i have to admit.
birdmad cut me down
and count my rings

in this nightmare forest
(in my head)

i am growing roots
angie i saw you there the first time i saw you and you saw me and we saw eachother and when i saw you i thought you were scary not bad scary but when i saw you i thought i saw someone intimidating someone i saw was too cool for me someone i saw was amazing. Did you see the same in me? 020508
what's it to you?
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