kyla Here is a door stop, at an angle from the floor; the door does not hit it, but neither does the door stop; as the door continues opening, the wall recedes into the next room; the next room shrinks, or appears to, but is really stretching into a long, dark hall, whose far wall becomes a glowing, backlit speck, which, at its dimmest point, stops for a long and silent moment...then, flickers, indeterminately, and suddenly flashes, at first blindingly white, fading to gray, splotching with purples and deep blues, and wavering again to a final darkness. 040512
silentbob cold. empty room. five and a half minute hallway. johnny my love. got out of the business,. makes me wanna rough you up so badly.
the longest unzipping of my life.
house of leaves.
lotuseater another is added to the march of confusion. it is always all at once, never slow or careful. it will always turn out to be the wrong choice.

protect your reputation, fucker.

a little thick, but cute. beyond beautiful, but friendship barrier. very cool, but... very cool. also very cool, but very far away. fucking insane.
what's it to you?
who go