Spellchecker The first blathers on red were on January 24, 2001. The very first was "test", and the second was - duh! "red." 011218
jinx I thought it would be appropriate for my first red blathe to be under first. So here it is. I must say, though, that the backround looks somewhat brown instead of red. Maybe it's just my screen. 020217
lulie the background looks brown on my monitor, too. like dried blood. 020510
belly fire stealing away
wind through the car
spot in the dark
blanket of stars
belly fire I remember laying there with you,
shivering in the blanket together,
gravel marks in your knees.
You turned to me and said,
"That was a first for me."
I can't say why it surprised me,
but right then I realized how innocent you were.
How genuine.
I think I fell in love with you then. Looking back at you in the dark.
I knew then that everything between us would be a first.
nom the 1st 061011
Isaou We met for the first time today
I don't know
eatingstars its dancing time
dance and brush
dance and read
dance and live
theres a first time for everything
today its the realization that i love myself
i am who i want to be
a distinction from 'i have what i want to have'
so i will dance dance
dance my life
what's it to you?
who go