Cicero While she sat admiring her pureness
a kindred spirit fell to his death. Grasping at the corners of the illusion he stumbled off the cliff, her last real expression - not the one in the mirror - burned lovingly into his mind.
kerry only last night was i able to forget most of this, only until the fog had worn off and i lay face-down on a mattress at 4:30 am trying desperately to escape through sleep--
a bottle of wine split between us, she told me secrets in a loud voice and made me feel warm again.
but now that i am not open for everyone to see and read i have no one to curl up next to. those parts of me only he could detect, they feel like they're fading away. or wearing down--
once precise, defined details
we adored every detail about each other
they are discreet to the point of disappearing
what's it to you?
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