kyla disproportionate to finitude

unhinged i have difficulty with the recent list on blue today and the number of young teenagers that have recently invaded my space there. yeah that's right, it's MY space so go the fuck away. thank you, have a nice day.

(but i will not say anything to their faces since i am one of the biggest proponents of the blather_is_blather philosophy. i will just come here and bitch instead and hope that none of them are smart enough to find us here. all of you red regulars better hope that they are not smart enough to find us here. even if they did, they would probably get bored here quickly. red is less for people who surf and more for people who can come up with stuff on their own independent of the go button and/or three_words on the home page. i am done being a hypocrite now. once again, have a nice day.)
slothisily the sun beats down it's hot im melting ice cream sticky face i can't breathe it's hot 040713
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