distorted tendencies The calm has finally come. Never in remorse. Obstacles are destroyed. 020922
Cicero pinching desk-rims,
holding breaths in,
massaging temples,
until the calm sets in
stoic I see a city, vast and powerful.
From my tower, I can watch the traders, and see their goods.
From here, I can see the outlying lands, and the settlements nearby.
I do not need to enter the city, I experience it all.

monee keep calm keep calm keep calm hush up 041227
suicidalchinadoll calm down, breathe, uncross your legs and allow circulation back to your feet.
notice the colour of the walls..and
calm down, breathe..
nom ing 061219
nom now for now 070322
n o m sometimes things go well
there is all this love
nr i've been told a few times before that i come off relatively calm. a couple of friends have told me recently that they liked being around me when they had other things/people around them causing anxiety.

it's odd to me, because i'm also kind of awkward sometimes. but i guess maybe people don't tell you you're awkward, usually.
what's it to you?
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