alice you gotta do the head thing with it when you say it, or it doesnt work at all 020403
psychobabe whatever, fuck you to
Just a name? just a fucking name huh? thats all it means to you? obviously you dont give a fuck about it, how IT made me feel or what the fuck I was thinking EVEN made a god damn difference....whatever
Alvarny A word with the power to somehow send me flying a thousand miles, reducing me to an insignificant dot on your cognitive horizon.

The landing is never gentle.
disasterandrew whatever,
I (don't) want it.
Distance hurts (me). I don't like it,
(you're what burns when I asleep) at all.
When I'm dreaming nobody knows who I am.
Today I'll do everything I did,
Yesterday I did everything,
I'll do tomorrow what is left.
You'll be there. You'll see.
The fire will Continue (cold & white).
n o m e e much used of late 101225
what's it to you?
who go