nom don't just double-check...

triple-check sources

and then check them again
just for good measure
Fido walk citywalks at night arms tight and neat
hooked and crooked unarmed and unspooked
by those lurking in the shadowy causeways
and alleyways and liquor mazes haunted
by souls shrieking in crimson crazes
for days and days his lord's prayer,
both of em, lock word and lock step
trek the world cliffs and jazz riffs cuttin
eyelid visions crisp laser cut new-visions
complete with drunk drugged precision.
forget you forget me forget new york the fuckin city
our states are slippin great ways down
to the dogs barkin three heads chompin
clip cloppin horsemen stoppin to walk in
and purchase three cloves of garlic.
grab hold your homes and hearts kept close
all your life, bubble wrapped dreams to dream
at night are drifting through windows as babes
whimper whisps of fright spelled in mist moonlight.
there is one and one alone hidden down deep
as boring and baked as orange popped coffee
dippin scones packed and wrapped
in your local coffee bar, sealed jar tight.
c r 0 w l this is the imagination! 080206
what's it to you?
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