newme ear 040728
crOwl put garlic and olive oil in it. 040728
newme good tip.


i think i have:
otitis externa
outer ear infection
'swimmers ear'

i clean my ears too frequently
+ i have been swimming
& my ear got scratched (mosquito bite)

never had this before
whatever the cause, it hurts

i used rubbing alcool, then clove oil, then tea tree oil and i am (always) on megadose of vitamin C for immune support

will try olive or almond oil with garlic tomorrow

i eat garlic and olive oil (like) every single day, and it's garlic harvest time so there is lots of garlic around

blah blah blah blah blah *sigh* etc.)
cocoon I am so incredible stiff and sore today. I dont think I've been this sore since the one time I went snowboarding.

Its amazing how much just shifting around can hurt.
what's it to you?
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