a when it comes to this or that, it's not really important. it doesn't really matter. this isn't a philosophy discussion either. 010227
silentbob try to be 010303
once again "i love you."
"no you don't."

and they know they are both right, in their way.

"will you promise?"
"pinky promise."

And they wonder if these things will stay.

They are not holding hands, for their hands are holding souls.

"do you still want that hug?"

A cliche sometimes, says it best. Sometimes though the best way to say it is not at all.

"i love you."
"no you don't."
"yes, i do. just not the way you want me to."

and the truth is funny and painful. beautiful and raw. it's irony and butterflies and your blood under my nails.

"And today was good. Beginning, middle, end, for the first time we got it right, all the way through."
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