karasu The memory of the days with his dad felt close and immediate, but as he looked in his mirror, his relection betrayed the length of time that had come and gone since he buried them.

mom and dad.

by rights, he himself should not have survived the accident. according to the doctor, for nearly an hour he hadn't.

he awoke, sixteen yers old, beneath a shroud with a tag on his toe.

he had been unconscious since the moment he had gone through the windshield, but somehow he could remember seeing the cop with the camera taking pictures of the scene

the utter horror on the faces of the people gathered about the scene

chain reaction collision,

somewhere in the middle of the pile, a man on a motorcycle had been decapitated, his head, still encased in his helmet, had somehow been launched backward

through the shattered remains of the visor, it was staring at him

he was not awake
but he was aware

his heart stopped
soia my heart is slowly dried up
and you can tell it's slow by how long I've been saying that
you're far away and getting further every day
and I'm sad to admit it's a little easier
someday maybe things will change
who knows who knows
not me
what's it to you?
who go